Linguine pasta with mussels, artichoke crème and bottarga

New dish for lunch today

For 4 people: 

400g of linguine pasta 

500g of mussels 

2 artichokes


50g of bottarga power


Clean the artichokes and fry the heart only in cooking oil. Add hot water, salt and cook til softened, then blend until creamy and leave it on the side.

Wash the mussels thoroughly. Put the garlic in cooking oil until golden, then add the mussels and cook until they open. Separate from their shells and keep the juice that’s left. 

Cook the linguine al dente in salty water, finish them into a pan adding the mussels’ juice,the mussels and olive oil.

Put the creme in a bowl plate, place the pasta nicely over it, the mussels and finish off with bottarga power. Easy, fast and tasty.

Enjoy 😊 


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