Introduce Cayenne Pepper into your food and welcome great health!


The cayenne pepper is a very popular for its high degree of spiciness. The cayenne chili owes its name to the city of origin, the city of Cayenne, the departmental capital of French Guiana where this cultivar is not only very widespread but is typical ingredient in many dishes and sauces of the local culinary tradition.

The Cayenne chili is rich in vitamin A, also contains moderate amounts of vitamins B6, E and C. Among its active ingredients and micronutrients also we mention riboflavin, potassium and manganese.

Eat spicy helps the health of our heart. There are now several research showing that the use of cayenne pepper helps to protect us from heart attacks. This is because the particular substances contained in it help to remove obstructions in arteries, facilitating the circulation and expulsion of toxins. Not only that, it helps our body to get rid of cholesterol and triglycerides. Also useful to stabilize blood pressure, it seems that this chili reduces hypertension and aid the proper functioning of our heart.

This particular chili improves circulation because it frees arteries and veins from obstructions. Not only that, it provides all the nutrients necessary to allow the tissues in the circulatory system to regain elasticity and vigor, by regulating the flow of blood pressure.

Cayenne pepper helps in hair growth. One of the main reasons for baldness is due to reduction in the circulation of blood. Cayenne pepper when applied on the scalp increases the circulation of blood by causing irritation in the scalp.

Finally, when mixed with molasses, cayenne pepper proves an excellent herbal remedy for sore throat, cough, or to cure a simple cold.

So basically, I really suggest to eat Cayenne chilli often, it´s really good and healthy.

In the Italian cuisine you can make several recipe:

  • Chilli pepper Jam
  • Spaghetti with garlic, oil and cayenne chilli
  • chilli oil
  • Soppressata, dry-cured salami, may include hot pepper

So what are you waiting for? Introduce Cayenne Pepper into your food and welcome great health!

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