Salon Du Chocolate | Second Edition | Milan 2017


chocolate.pngThis year nearly 20,000 Choco Lovers  took part in the first Milan edition of the Salon du Chocolat in February 2016, and now it´s time to talk about the second edition.
The Salon du Chocolat finally arrives in Milan, the event dedicated to the fascinating world of the food of the gods. The international exhibition born in Paris 20 years ago, gathers success all around the world.
The Salon du Chocolat an unique occasion to assemble in a venue filled of events, shows and culture all the maitre chocolatiers and the excellences of the market. Food lovers, gourmet and professionals will taste, love and discover every shade of chocolate in a weekend full of  love and passion.
Salon du Chocolat Milan will host the best chocolatiers, chefs and pastry chefs who will present and explain to the public their excellent recipes in which you can also discover the most unexpected uses of chocolate and cocoa. During the event days are taking place on the stage of the Pastry Show several sessions lasting about an hour one o’clock after which it will be possible to taste the delicacies prepared.
I can´t wait to go  and you?




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