How many types of rice you know to make Risotto?

How many types of rice are there?  And how they can be used in cooking?

Among the different qualities of rice, there are some particularly suitable for the preparation of risotto (Arborio, Baldo, Carnaroli, Rosa Marchetti, Sant’Andrea, Vialone nano).

Riso Arborio

Arborio rice is a much used in the preparation of Italian risotto rice varieties selected by Domenico Marchetti.( It was an Italian agronomist and farmer)

Named after the town of Arborio Vercelli, in the Po Valley, where the variety was selected.

It is ideal for making creamy risottos; during cooking, the heat penetrates first the external part, while the core tends to remain at the tooth.

The size of the grain will give a good absorbency of dressings; It is then recommended a toasting of two or three minutes before passing to the cooking in the broth.


Riso Baldo 

Baldo rice is classified as superfine, its grain it is large, translucent and very consistent; typically Vercelli rice, born from the intersection of Arborio rice and variety Sons 136.

It is a long rice japonica type, characterized by a crystalline structure, usually used for risotto, but keep good cooking, so it is also ideal for rice salads.

Baldo rice is less known than other varieties but gives results comparable to those of other rice best known, without fearing the comparison.

Rich in starch, it has great absorption capacity and does not disintegrate even at elevated cooking temperatures and this is suitable for the preparation of each type of dish and perfect for the preparation of rice and rice salads.



Riso Carnaroli

Carnaroli rice is a grain rice from the large grain and represents the best of Italian rice production which has earned the nickname “king of rice”.

Is considered the best rice for the preparation of rice and the one most used by the author cuisine.

Carnaroli rice due to high Amylose content is always al dente, the grain does not overcook and release the starch during cooking it improves creaming making it ideal for the preparation of risotto.


Riso Rosa Marchetti

Rice Rosa Marchetti is an ancient and rare Italian native variety, formed in 1964, with small grains.

Rice Rosa Marchetti is characterized by a very particular taste; the texture of the rice is soft around, while the center is more crisp. As regards the cooking at the tooth, it must take into account that it is necessary a cooking between 12 and 15 minutes.

The Rosa Marchetti is suitable all year round and can be used for the preparation of impeccable risotto, although it is strictly recommended for the preparation of excellent soups, pies, appetizers and rices in white.


Riso Sant`Andrea

The quality of rice S. Andrea, selected by the quality Rizzotto, presents a grain of average size, big, full-bodied; in cooking, the grain remains softer and, when used in risotto, absorbs the seasoning and tends to thicken; It is also an excellent choice for the preparation of soups.

Among the proposals variety, S. Andrea rice is what the King family prefers and recommend for tasty dishes such as Panissa.

Its size and its intrinsic characteristics make it an excellent compromise between keeping the cooking and absorption capacity of the seasonings and why some people prefer to Carnaroli same for the preparation of risotto, although many use it more often for soups.


Riso Vialone

Vialone Nano rice is one of the finest Italian rices. Extremely versatile for various preparations, it expresses its maximum in risotto. It occurs in grains and squat, for its organoleptic qualities, stamina and versatility in cooking in the kitchen is considered by international chefs among the best rice in the world.

The protected geographical indication “Riso Nano Vialone Veronese” refers only to rice obtained from carefully selected seeds of japonica species of the Vialone Nano variety. The purity of the variety, the methods of cultivation, processing and presentation to the consumption of this rice supervises the Consortium of PGI Riso Nano Vialone Veronese based in Isola della Scala, the country where it takes place every year the Fair Rice in September and October to celebrate the harvest.


As you can see there are many different type of rice to make a good risotto but buying the right type is key and non-negotiable — here’s what you need to know!




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