Stick and Sushi | Copenhagen | review 

Let´s talk a bit about the history of the Sushi

The birth of modern sushi starts around 1800 by a stand selling food on the streets of Tokyo and demanded that the fish was marinated in soy sauce and salt, to last longer.

The Wasabi, spicy green paste served along with sushi, was added to cover any unpleasant flavours of the fish that in the absence of the ice was not always able to properly be cool.

Only after the Second World War that the sushi gets really like we know today.

My girlfriend and I been in so many different sushi  restaurant in Australia but since we are living in Copenhagen (DK)  we were surprised how this restaurant Stick and Sushi was super good.

The menu it´s very broad but is with the pictures which makes more easier the choice.

We arrive there kind of late and we were so hungry, so we picked up different dishes.

Everything was really tasty and fresh. OMG the sashimi and the sushi was absolute fantastic.

KANI KOROKKE Crab croquettes with wasabi caesar

BEEF TATAKI Beef, smoked cheese, chives, almonds, Yuzu-Kosho & spicy goma

TUNA TARTARE Tuna, avocado, goat’s cheese, pine nuts, soy sesame, cress, spring onion chives & nori chips

CLASSIC MISO SOUP Tofu, wakame & spring onion

STICKS Emmental cheese wrapped in bacon, chicken with chili dip, teriyaki & spring onion and lamb chop with miso herb butter

DESSERT you have a choice of three different taste.

Here some picture from that night:



It is a white grape that makes lean, fruity, racy wines.

The funny things is that we ate all of the dishes and the waitress were surprised, especcially for my girlfriend, LOL, but that´s why we are a lovely couple, we have something in common, we love FOOD.

Here more picture about our dining @stick and sushi

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