Stick and Sushi | Copenhagen | review 

Let´s talk a bit about the history of the Sushi The birth of modern sushi starts around 1800 by a stand selling food on the streets of Tokyo and demanded that the fish was marinated in soy sauce and salt, to last longer. The Wasabi, spicy green paste served along with sushi, was added to … Continue reading Stick and Sushi | Copenhagen | review 

New dish with filled pasta!!! It is vegetarian  

  I have been thinking about this dish for a long time, and finally yesterday i decided to give it a go. Check it out, eggplant raviolo in a scamorza cheese water and homemade tomato concentrate. Tip: to obtain the scamorza cheese water, cook the diced scamorza au baine marie until the water separates from the … Continue reading New dish with filled pasta!!! It is vegetarian  

The Earthquake hit Norcia

Norcia is famous for its black truffles and hams: all over the world there are norcinerie. After the earthquake we relaunch the ruined economy of the Valnerina with solidarity actions and maintain high the Made in Italy. As happened with Parmigiano after the earthquake in Emilia now buy all Norcia ham and the typical products … Continue reading The Earthquake hit Norcia