Autumn Recipe: chestnuts, tuscan kale and langoustines 

Recipe for 4 people: 

200 gr of chestnuts

20 tuscan kale leaves 

8 langoustines medium size

Half onion

Olive oil 

White winegar

Remove the first chestnut skin and boil them for 30 minutes in salty water until cooked. Blance the tuscan kale leaves in a salty water for 1 minute, then cool down in icing water. 

Bring the langoustines and remove the heat and the skin and keep the meat on the side. (Frozen the heats and the skin for make a fish soup or bisque)

Peel the chestnuts from the second skin. Slice the onion and cook gently in a pan until softes with olive oil, add in the chestnuts a bit of water and cook toghether for 10 minutes, blitz with an hand blender and pass through a sieve then adjust salt and leave at room temperature. 

Strain the tuscan kale very well, take the stems out and season with olive oil, salt and a splash of white winegar. 

In a pan fry the langoustines with  a bit of olive oil and make them gold but still raw in the heart and remove strait way from the pan. Seasons with salt.

Plating: put half spoon of chestnut purée in a center of bowl plate, put three rolled leaves kale around and put the langoustines on top as in the picture.

On the dish you should have a sweety chestnut creme, savoury kale and gently salty langoustines. 

Here my dish: 

Enjoy the meal
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