Manfreds | Copenhagen | review

Very nice restaurant, in a street full of shops in Norrebro, Copenhagen

Inside the atmosphere is very youthful, from the  decor til the service.

The menu its small: you have few starters, few small main and few desserts.

They do have Chef’s Choice,  7 small dishes for sharing  and Sommelier’s Choice,  3 glasses chosen by them.

OMG!! every single bite was interesting and delicious.

Chefs serve you what they love the most at the moment. A good share of veggies, some meat or poultry, maybe fish or seafood. The small dishes will come in the pace and speed of the kitchen, served in a family-style  to be shared between everyone at the table.


Here some pictures from that night:


In the end of the night we were felling full but not exhausted, we ate greens full of natural flavours, symptom of organic food, making us happy.

This restaurant is running by Christin Puglisi, one of the most famous chef in Copenhagen and owner of Relæ,  n 40 of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

His book “Relæ” is on sale in Manfreds for 375 dkk (50€).

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