A different way HOW to EAT MUSSELS

Usually Italian people eats:

PEPATA DI COZZE its means cook the mussels in a garlic oil, white wine, parsley and black pepper;

COZZE GRATINATE its mean open the mussels, cook in the pan with white wine and then gratineted with parlsey, garlic and breadcrumb in the oven;

SPAGHETTI ALLE COZZE exactly the same ingredients as we use to cook pepata di cozze but we add pasta.

 Today I would like to share a different way how to eat  mussels, in a French or Danish way.


  • 700 gr of mussels
  • 400 ml of white wine
  • 100 gr of butter
  • sunflower oil q.b.
  • 1 garlic cloves
  • 50 gr of parsley


First, you have to prepare the GARLIC BUTTER 

Blend the garlic with the sunflower oil, mix the butter with the garlic and whisk until smoothie, leave in the fridge.

Cook THE MUSSELS, in a pot with white wine until opened, then place only the mussels in a cocotte, covered.

Reduce the juice left in the pot until brown, but not burnt (about 50 ml), and out of the fire mix the garlic butter to the juice and whisk until is smoothie.

Add the parsley make sure is salty enough, whisk again and pour it on the mussels

EASY AND DIFFERENT , please try my recipe and let me know 😉

Please feel free to share your feedback!!
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