Parsley roots – What it is?

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today I decide to write about Parsley.

Every day we use parsley as a condiment but do we know what is the the Parsley root and how to use it?

Parsley root is a variety of aromatic plant grown not for its leaves, but the fleshy roots, like a white carrot. Once widely, today has almost disappeared from the boards. Let’s find out this forgotten vegetables







The herb that we use is the Petroselinum sativum, but there is another kind, virtually unknown here with us: the curly parsley tuberosum varieties, or tuberous parsley or parsley root (also called parsley Hamberg). Unlike the more famous cousin is not grown for its leaves (which are in any case edible) but for the roots.

The taste of the parsley root is reminiscent of carrot, parsnip or celery root, but it is more delicate, almost tending to hazelnut and makes it valuable in recipes. It can be eaten raw in salads and crudités of vegetables or grated on the dishes. Also excellent fried, boiled and reduced to puree and simply stir-fry.

Like many other forgotten vegetables there are few recipes that include it among the ingredients, but you can rearrange the dishes made from potatoes or parsnips.
The parsley roots are rich in potassium, this gives them diuretic properties and regulatory pressure. The root decoction is used to counteract the water retention.

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