Hi everyone
today I’m going to talk about one of the best “secret” place to buy some excellent cheese.

The spring Street Grocer offers an exquisite variety of gourmet products.

 The shop is divided in 2 floors, front the street you can see the Gelateria and when you come in, there is a large selection of gourmet products plus the bar offers a daily menu and is available for catering and corporate function.
The magic part is when in the middle of the shop there is a staircase to go to the basement where you can find the first basement cheese maturation cellars in Australia.

Few months ago one of my friend told me about this “secret” place, she is French and she loves cheese, but just last week I decided to go with my lovely Roberta to have a quick lunch before starting work and straight  away we were in love with this place!

Absolute magic, the atmosphere and the flavours…ummmm…so yummi, DELICIOUS!!!!

There were two boys, very welcoming, one aussie and the other one French.
The Australian guy was very helpful and knowledgable, I’m a chef but I’m not really into cheese, so I asked a few questions.
I was looking for 2 different cheeses :a soft goats cheese and semi hard cheese but in the end I bought three cheeses.

At the same time my girlfriend was taking photographs of the little grocery store with her new camera,  LUMIX TZ70. She was so excited and she couldn’t’ even hear what the guy and I were talk about.

We stayed for 20 minutes, talking about cheese and talking with the guy about what he is doing  and if it is his business.

He said “I’m a cheese maker, I’m making cheese since I was a child, I’m working in a few different farms in Victoria and Byron bay, it’s my passion, I’m here to help this business and to suggest customers to buy the right cheese….but in the future I will open my own business.”

 It was an interesting story because I can feel his passion,his determination and grit.

photo by:Roberta Milone

So My mood of The day is:

People will forget what you said

People will forget what you did

But people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Have a good day




  1. This place looks awesome! Being from Wisconsin, we have a lot of cheese shops. This one looks just as good or better. Definitely wanted to make me go out and get some baby Swiss.


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