Copenhagen is a gastronomic capital of Northern Europe , not only for offers Michelin stars but even for organize every year a lot of festival.

I would like to talk of one in particular Cooking & Food festival.

I’ve been here only 2 months and probably I arrived in the right time: let’ s call SUMMER time 🙂 I’ve been around Copenhagen a little bit and I can say that in summer it’ s full of festival,full of activity and full of tourist.

 Of course I’m chef so I’m more interested in all that concerns the food.

I’s going to be a 10 days full of events.. From 19/08 to 28/08 I’m so excited!!!

This festival is for everyone that is curious, that love to cook and that love to learn something new.


If you would like to be a volunteer, click here TO BE A VOLUNTEER

If you would like to  partecipe a a three-day food fest in The Meat Packing District, click here THREE-DAY FOOD FEST IN THE MEAT PACKING DISTRICT

If you would like to have more info, click here  COOKING AND FOOD FESTIVAL

Here some picture of the events scheduled 


Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 22.39.37

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 22.40.29

Please feel free to share your feedback!

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