Radio Restaurant | Copenhagen | review

After long time, today I’m excited to write a review from the first restaurant I’ve been In Copenhagen, Denmark.

Probably not everyone knows that in Denmark  there are a lot of Fine dining Restaurants, from Noma to Geranium

I discovered this restaurant on one of the website talking about organic food, I was intrigued and then, because was my anniversary with my girlfriend Roberta, I booked.

It’s a cozy and simple restaurant, around 50 seat and only two waiter,when we arrived they were waiting for us.

We had two choices:5 course menu 400 kr

or 3 course menu 300 kr.

Of course we choose the 5 course menu, we love to EAT

Here The 5 course we had:

Kammusling / Gulerod / Yoghurt

Makrel / Asparges / Æg

Kartoffel / Løvstikke / Hø-ost

Gris / Løg / Barbecue

Agurk / Lakrids / Marrengs

Beautiful dishes🍴

Please feel free to share your feedback!
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