Food Contest: Valorizzailcibo on Instagram

Eccoci qua, dopo il primo concorso fotografico, è' arrivato il momento di  eleggere il vincitore di VALORIZZAILCIBO.  Ogni giorno, chi piĂą, chi meno ha la necessitĂ  di essere a stretto contatto con il cibo, c'è chi ama cucinare, chi ama mangiare ma il risultato è' sempre quello IL CIBO. Ho voluto provare a fare questo … Continue reading Food Contest: Valorizzailcibo on Instagram

IL BACARO’ Cucina e Bar |Melbourne CBD | Australia

Romantic and intimate, Il Bacaro offers a quintessential Melbourne dining experience - sexy, smooth and, well, Italian. This Little Collins Street icon has been on the restaurant scene for more than a decade, and Il Bacaro continues to offer diners a place where they can romance their beloved with a guarantee of delightful dishes, impeccable … Continue reading IL BACARO’ Cucina e Bar |Melbourne CBD | Australia

Good Friday • Good Dinner

Good Friday is a Christian religious holiday, in this day no one shouldn't  eat meat. Here in Melbourne most of the restaurant are closed  and my girlfriend and my flatmates nominated me to cook at home for dinner and because I knew  the market was close for good Friday,  my girlfriend decided to buy different … Continue reading Good Friday • Good Dinner

Life is too short to drink bad wine đźŤ·

G'DAY mate Today I decide to talk about my experience in my first Winery in Australia Last sunday I went with few friends to the Yarra Valley in Victoria, exactly 1.15 h  from Melbourne. I decide with my love to visit the Oakridge  winery, first, because for her birthday we had a dinner at Rosetta … Continue reading Life is too short to drink bad wine đźŤ·