The art of cooking

I feel lucky to live in Dockland because I have a possibility to see every day the sea, yatchs and fishermen.

Every morning pass to the harbour it make me dream…. new dishes, new ingredients and new combinations.

In these days I have been inspiration from two nice ingredients: calamari and snapper and……

after a long week, today, I’ ve got a  day off and I decided to make two new dishes:  

An entree and a main.


Grilled Calamaro, celeriac cream, crispy fennel and pickled orange
Grilled snapper, rosemary smashed potatoes amd spicy cupsicum emulsion

I had a dinner at home with my girfriend Roberta  who accompanies me in all my path and my flatmate who loves food.


9 thoughts on “The art of cooking

  1. Celeriac cream, that’s fantastic and an underused root vegetable. Very nice dishes. Also Docklands gets a lot of bad press but it’s a nice oasis in the middle of the city, quiet with the sea right there.

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