“Carpaccio di canguro, rapa rossa e lamponi”

I thought about this dish for long time.

The idea was to make a dish with a “game” beef carpaccio and raspberries. 

It seems easy but it’s not.

I went to the Market and I chosen a several ingredients: the Kangaroo meat, figs, raspberries, plums and cabbage leaves (light taste ) and beetroot

I decided to try first with figs and Kangaroo meat, I cut them in a slice, the Kangarro meat thicker then the figs, in the end I made a rasberries olive oil emulsion and a cabbage salad for garnish.

Result failed: the flavour of the figs was to covering on the kangaroo meat.

So I focused on other ingredients that from the beginning I though it works better, but for me it was an experiment try to make figs with a “game” meat.

I made more thinly the kangaroo fillet, I cut  more thinly the beetroot , I made a brunoise of plum, I  topped off the cabbage leaves and I reused the emulsion of raspberry.

Result succeeded!!! amazing dish,  complex flavor and delicate at the same time!! 

  Kangaroo carpaccio, beetroot and raspberries. 

A mouth-watering….what a delicious dish!!

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4 thoughts on ““Carpaccio di canguro, rapa rossa e lamponi”

  1. looks amazing… I have never tasted kangaroo… Not sure I can even get it where I live… Two questions:… Can you describe the tastes for me (similar to another game meat)… second question…If you couldn’t get Kangaroo… what would you have used…


    1. The kangaroo has a strong taste like Venison meat. Raw is very good because it is tastier than other meats like beef. if you want to cook it rare or medium rare other ways the meat becomes hard. you can still replace it with beef (light flavor) or lamb (tastier)

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