Go to Bàcaro…restaurant [Melbourne cbd]

If you are in melbourne and you like to eat an exellent italian food go to Bàcaro restaurant.

My girlfriend and I we have been many times, last time for the our first anniversary.

Every time we enjoy.

#RATING => 4.2

Here same pictures

Baby globe artichokes, porcini mushrooms, broadbeans, goats curd and quail egg

Rabbit cannelloni with asparagus, burrata, butter foam and herb oil

Risotto with prawn, saffron, peas, asparagus and scampi carpaccio

Suckling pig with cauliflower, black pudding and almonds  
Broccolini with burrata, breadcrumbs, radish and mustard dressing

Agave nectar cheesecake with crystallised violet, crème fraiche, pop rocks, blueberry sorbet, and fairy floss


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