Pizzaioli & Pizzerie in Melbourne!!!  Best ITALIAN Pizza 

One of the thing you will never think is eating an excellent pizza in Australia.

Is not true!!!

I been for 2 years in Melbourne  and I been  in a different Italian’s pizzerie.

I was surprised about that.  

The answer is simple

Many italian pizzamakers are in Melbourne. 

You can find an excellent products imported from Italy  and  an excellent line of fresh products  from Australia. In Italy not all of the Pizzerie have a wood oven but in Melbourne most of them have;  between the pizza makers  there is a great competition and this makes positive market driving up the level of skill.

I have been working with nice pizzamakers and I  have been in many italian pizzerie and I m so happy to say and share with you that Melbourne has great pizzerie.

 I love it

Here nice places where you can find good pizzas.
+ 39 Pizzeria Melbourne CBD 

DOC pizza e mozzarella bar Carlton
48 H Pizza e Gnocchi bar Malvern

Brunetti Carlton
Sapori d’ Abruzzo Essendon 

zero95 Doncaster 

 400 gradi Brunswick

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If anyone knows different Pizzeria in Melbourne and you think is a good Pizzeria please feel free to comment.



9 thoughts on “Pizzaioli & Pizzerie in Melbourne!!!  Best ITALIAN Pizza 

  1. I love your reviews! Very honest and to the point. I would love it if you could have a look at my Italian restaurant review on Villa Romana 🙂 i think it’s a wonderful place but it’d be great to have an Italian person give opinion!

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      1. I like what did you write but the dishes on the pictures are not really italian. The carbonara is really whitly so looks really bad, in Italy we don t eat pasta with chicken and on the lasagna there is too much sauce. If you are looking for italian restaurant try to go in the cbd because long time ago in lygon street there were italian good restaurants but now libanese people trying to do the italian cuisine but that is the result. On lygon st there is doc pasta that is a nice place and brunetti. On cbc there is: tipo oo, gradi, sapori d abruzzo restaurant, rosetta, 48 h, fatto, +39, cecconi, pomodoro sardo, bacaro, crinitis and much more. There you can find a nice place with all the italian chef. I have same rewiews on my website. Have a look


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