Lola is digging for find a Black summery truffle!!! 

This video is from last June when I went back in Italy for holiday and with my adorable dogs I went to find a Black Summery Truffle just near my house in collebrincioni, Abruzzo (IT).   

This kind of truffle is very common in oak or hazenut tree, in the bush. 

In many country many people have a dog and many licensed truffle man  going to find a wild truffle, they are not really expensive (from 30 to 60 euro dipend from the season and the size) good taste and full of flavours, the Black  summery  truffle compare to the Black winter truffle or white truffle must be cooked.

I decide to share this little post only because in 10 days I’m going back to Italy and I can’t wait to see  my dogs and my beautiful town.

If you love dogs and food you must share and like this little video made with love❤️🐶



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