Dinner by Heston Blumental | fine dining | Melbourne


Here we are talking about one of the popular  restaurants in melbourne in short time . Dinner by Heston Blumental opened in October 2015

The food is inspired by dishes from history, odd things Heston has found in old books, reinterpreted. Everything its was perfect from the service until the dishes.

I been for a dinner last week without booking, I don’t know if I was lucky but I got the table.I felt a peaceful atmosphere, first the waiter was talking about the menu then came the sommelier to give me some tips and after a couple of minutes I ordered.

It was a bit expensive but everything was excellent.

Here are some picture:


This is a famous Meat Fruit (c.1500)

Mandarin, chicken liver parfait & grilled bread

It’s really look like a mandarin but of course it’s not; then we try

Frumenty (c.1390)

Grilled octopus, spelt, pickled red moss, chervil emulsion & smoked sea broth

It was good but to smoky for my girlfriend and I; then 

 I choose Braised Celery (c.1730)

Parmesan, roast artichokes, cider apple & smoked walnuts 

absolute fantastic, this plate is vegetarian, good option for vegetarian people, the braised celery with parmesan it was like I was eating meat. My girlfriend choose  

 Powdered Duck Breast (c.1670)
Cooked with Ale and artichoke 

she like it but in the end she prefered my dish, she said that it was to tasty for her.

Because we are Italians and everyone knows that we like to eat we choose the dessert as well; in the beginning the waiter ask us if we would like to try a Tipsy cake (famous dessert by Heston) because takes about 40 minutes to do it and we said no, thinking to don’t have any dessert but in the end…..    

Sambocade (c.1390) Goats milk cheese cake, elderflower & apple, perry poached pear & smoked candied walnuts and the cheese board.

Let’s talk about wine….we received the drink list in the beginning, it’s looked like a book and we decide to go for an Italian wine, we had a bottle of Barbera d’Alba from Piemonte and it was a good choice for all our dishes.

 Barbera d’Alba 


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