No. 8 by John Lawson |Melbourne southbank |

Here we are,  after 1 year dining around Melbourne , now it’s time to going back to Italy with a little holiday in Bali.

This is going to be the last review from the restaurants in Melbourne but new project is coming soon…


Great location with views over the Yarra river, all staff were friendly, helpful but not excellent for a fine dining restaurant.

We had the $68 two course dinner,  2 entree, 2 main and 1 gl of wine each plus we decided to share one dessert.

These two photo are the entree dishes  which they are completely different from each other.


King prawns , smoked corn, pickled onions and salmon pearls
Seared scallops , braised oxtail, celeriac purèe and capers berries


The first one very delicate, light flavour with a good balance; the second one very strong taste but they were excellent.

We were really disappoint with the main and the dessert.

As you can see the first picture is the crispy pork belly, compressed Apple, black pudding, ice plant and pork juice.

L’acidity of raw Apple was in contrast to the sweetness of the cooked pork even if they tried to balance the two ingredients, it’s didn’t work.

The Second dish was fine but not excellent,  the dessert was bland and the vanilla brûlée was to hard and we couldn’t finish the dish

I hope you appreciated my review and Please feel free to share your feedback!!

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