Attica | Melbourne | Australia

I’m so excited to write this review about one of the best restaurants in Australia and in the world.

I can’ t believe it, I’ve been there!!

Let’s start talking about the booking process.

I knew that to book a table at Attica it would have been difficult,  but not impossible; they advise you to book 3 months in advance. After that just wait for an unforgettable  night….

We were four people: my girlfriend, myself and a  lovely couple of friends from France, he is a sous chef at Vue De Monde and she is a waitress at a caffe.

As soon as we walked into Attica we immediately noticed the elegance of the place, featuring a mix of very dark and bright lights. Shortly after the wine is served… and then the food…


Now it’s time to talk about the food. There are no choices or set menus, there is only one 6 courses menu: 4 savoury and 2 sweets.

Before the first main course was served, we had 12 entrees with an enchanting selection of veggies, fish and cheeses…


To follow, The main were presented

Salted red Kangaroo and Bunya Bunya

Marron With sweet and sour pumpkin seeds

Yeasty potato

142 days on Earth


Those 4 are the savoury dishes. and now I’ll show you the desserts….but first, I’ve got something special for you.

A few exclusive pictures from the garden; the chefs pick their herbs, flowers and spices straight from here to finish up their dish compositions.


And back to the DESSERTS….🍰

Lois’ Jelly Whip

here is the best dessert ever…. Maria’s green apple. T

he sweet has been created by the chef to remember His grandmother.

 Ciao ragazzi volevo condividere una bellissima esperienza che ieri, io, Roberta e due amici abbiamo avuto l’occasione di provare… Questa esperienza si chiama Attica. Attica è il 32esimo miglior ristorante del mondo e uno dei più famosi ristoranti d’Australia…È stata una bellissima serata non solo per il cibo ma per l’atmosfera attorno a noi.

Vi invito a fare queste tipo di esperienze e a sfogliare le foto qui sotto che sono molto belle e interessanti.
Hello guys I wanted to share a great experience from last night,Roberta, two friends and I we had the chance to try …Attica. Attica is the 32nd best restaurant in the world and one of Australia’s most famous restaurants … It was a wonderful evening not only for the food but for the atmosphere around us.

I invite you to do these kinds of experiences, and to browse the images below which are very beautiful and interesting.


RATING: 4.5/5

if you want to see more picture follow me on › simoneciuffetel

By the way did you know that Attica is the 32nd restaurant in the world!!!


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