That’s awesome!!!

Nobody should waste food!!! so Melbourne decided to organize an hour with the Melbourne’s top chef to serve an esclusive selections of meal for just $1.

How cOoL is IT?!? 


All of them will  be made from food that would otherwise have been threw in the bins.

  • How run the project ?

The event is run by YUME App

  • Which one are the restaurants that  participate to this event?
  1. San Telmo
  2. Grossi Florentino
  3. St crispin
  4. Bomba
  5. The Botanical 

  • To participate what do you have to do? 
  1. Download the YUME app on the Apple or Google play App Store
  2. order your food
  3. collect from a participating restaurant within the hour.
  4. enjoy
  5. be happy

  • When is the event?

  1. Saturday 5 March between 3pm-4pm as parte of the Melbourne food and wine festival 

  • The result.
  1. All found raised will be donate to Melbourne main food – rescue initiatives:

Ozharvest – Fareshare – Foodbank – Secondbite

    Do you wanna know more about YUME app. 

    Go to YUME app
    Would you like to have more details??

    Got to The world loves Melbourne




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