I’m so proud….you know why?

As usual I was working at my restaurant and its finally become quiet after a busy Christmas period.

What happened? 

I was talking with the Sous chef regarding changing a few dishes on the menu and one of the sommelier arrived. She let us try a glass of white wine added  on the menu  trhrough her called “Carricante” from Sicily [IT] and the Sous chef asked me  to make a dish incorporating that wine in just few minutes.

I started to think and I checked the ingredients available in the kitchen to produce the following…



Risotto with pistachio, orange and raw gambero 

It was the end of the world. Everyone was surprised and the sommelier said:

It is a perfect match with the wine, the ingredients come from the same place and they are really well balanced.


Good Job!!!!!

I was so proud of myself because after 4 months they started to understand my passion and way of cooking. I’m really focused on doing my best and I’m trying to study a lot to reach my goal.

I decided to share this episode to make people understand that in life hard work pays off. 



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