Does anyone know who is the chef which has made this spectacular dish??


Name of the dish: Bollito non bollito

From the most famous Italian Chef in the World.

His recipes are based on Modena’s tradition, but with personal touch and interpretation.

The dish presentation was inspired in some of hi passions: traveling and art. The dish inspired in a particular view of Central Park in New York (USA), which represents the people (jelly base), the woods (foamed sauce) and the sky line with buildings (pieces of meat).

This culinary concept clearly gives a step forward from a traditional product to an improved version from a nutritional point of view. These “new traditions” should give new hints to the normal food that people usually consume. Preliminary results have shown that this meat cooked by sous vide technique contains higher contents in multiple nutrients such as minerals than the meat cooked by boiling.

The final and most important objective would be to change the traditional dish and incorporate this technique into the entire population. A new collaboration with the University of Parma (Italy) is carried out in order to integrate this technique in restaurants for workers to improve diet population. Therefore, working over the concept of linking tradition and innovation can give great benefits to society without forgetting the roots of our people.

So we are waiting for your answer..


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