Make your praline chocolate

Making praline is not difficult, but you have to temper the chocolate‼️ To temper the chocolate you need 3 steps (in this case dark chocolate) • melt 55 degrees• cool down to 27 degrees• heat again to 32 degreesOnce these steps have been done, pour the chocolate into the molds until the brim, wait for … Continue reading Make your praline chocolate

Focaccia pugliese..check this out 👇

At this time the ONLY best thing we can do is cooking!!! I hope this Covid-19 is going away soon... I have so many dreams to fullfill!!! so every day, I’m making something good. Today I want to share with you a italian traditional focaccia from South of Italy. Focaccia w tomatoes Focaccia is one … Continue reading Focaccia pugliese..check this out 👇